Hi, I'm Larry.
I am a professional painter and Graphic designer. Skilled in oil and acrylic painting, t-shirt art, manual screen printing and  I also create clean coded fully functional responsive websites , as well as videos for advertising and marketing content. The next challenge for me is 3d modeling, stay tuned. After serving our country, my choice was  to further  educate myself  thru academic study and spiritual prayer. These to me are essential elements in the human experience. The crossing of those two paths came for me one day when at  five or six years old, I saw my father draw a picture of a lady sitting on a stool. That got me to wondering what he saw and how could he see things in his head and use his eyes and hands to put it on paper. It was one of those moments in  life that can define your very existence. I thought, could I begin to see things in that way and draw it too? It's hard to explain but I know it is some-thing GOD want me to express. My name is Larry Allen Sullivan and this is my work, this what I do.